Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by! I am thrilled that you are visiting us here and we hope you found it worth it. This blog is run by me, Hannah Abreu.

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Easy Stewed Pigeon Peas

I am a professionally trained baker and cook, and Kasheribbean is my tribute to the flavors and cooking traditions of my ancestor, which came from Spain, Portugal and other places in the Mediterranean to all converge in the beautiful island of The Dominican Republic.

Through the years I've also come to love flavors and aromas from other parts of the Mediterranean, and I fusion those in my kitchen as well.

Growing up I didn't see my cuisine and that of other communities in the Caribbean well documented, and "Jewish food", even to this day, seem to refer to "ashkenazi", "israeli" or "morrocan" foods. As a result, I created Kasheribbean; a space to share the foods I have eaten all my life, as well as other kasher recipes from around the Caribbean.

Thank you for following along as we discover the delicious world of kasher Caribbean gastronomy.