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I am are so thrilled you took of your precious time to visit us here 🙂 and we hope you found it worth it. This blog is run by me, Hannah Abreu. I am originally from the sunny Caribbean island of Dominican Republic but I currently reside in USA.

How all started?

When I had my son, back in 2014, my sister Rut came to visit in DR and, on one of those long nights, the idea of our blog, Sister Bliss Diary, was born; as a way to stay close and give us a sense of reunion again. But it was actually in 2016- 2017, when we started talking seriously about it and gave it a bit of shape.

After a good year of blogging under Sister Bliss Diary, the original idea of two sisters blogging wasn’t exactly what we were doing, so, after resisting the idea for months and talking to my beautiful sister, I decided to change the name and continue as a food, travel and lifestyle blog.

Who am I?

Apart from being a caribbean girl, I am a 24/7 mom and culinary art enthusiast. I am also a professionally trained baker and cook. I love to cook and try new recipes, collect cookbooks (more of a e-books now lol) and take lots of photos.

I find so much satisfaction in cooking for others and actively seek out recipes and look for nutritious foods when I go to the supermarket.

As I enter this blogosphere, I will love to share my culinary findings, caribbean recipes and travel experiences with you!. This is the reason I created this space: to connect, to share and to learn with you, and along the way create delicious recipes.

What is the blog about?

I know we are all busy with work and family; that’s why the recipes you’ll find here are in general super easy to make and require the minimum ingredients possible.

I also believe food impacts our health, so I always use natural ingredients anyone can pronounce. And, of course, everybody loves convenience so we use simple, staple ingredients that you probably have in your pantry too! Occasionally you can find more elaborate recipes like the Doughnuts we posted a while back 🙂 or our Coconut Brioche Bread, but they are still relatively easy to do, so you can enjoy them any time.

As a Caribbean girl, I try to reflect my roots on my recipes, like coconut and common herbs. Caribbean vibes all the way, baby!

All recipes you’ll find here are also kasherim 😉 Follow on Instagram & Pinterest for more recipes & inspiration.

Thank you for following along

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