3 Full Menu Ideas for your Shabuoth Table


Another huge alert today, because Shabuoth is in exactly in one week! (well, 8 days to be exact!). We cannot believe 49 days after Pesah can fly that quick! Shabuoth is a very special and meaningful day for us because it marks the day when Israel received the Torah! 


All the holidays of which we participate throughout the year remind us of two important events our ancestors witnessed: The Exodus of Egypt and the Giving of the Torah. Both events constitute the foundation of our existence as the Nation of Israel. That is why Shabuoth is so important. It is not only a holiday in which our dairy dreams come true (and we love that one!) but, it is a day when we remember what the Torah demands from us (in case we have forgotten that) and we align ourselves with that.

For this day it is customary to eat dairy products and we love cheese so, we also love Shabuoth! 😀 😀 And, because we noticed you liked the 5 Menu Ideas we put together for Pesah, we want to share with you today 3 menu ideas (with recipes from the blogosphere) for your Shabuoth Delight. Here you’ll find one classic menu, one budget-friendly menu and one for veggie lovers (just because we think that loving veggies is cool, even on a extremely dairy holiday as Shabuoth). In each of these menus you’ll find 5 entrees, 5 main dishes, 5 sides dishes and 5 sweet treats. Did we mention we love Shabuoth because all our dairy dreams come true that day? lol. Ok, Great! Let’s go to the menus: 



Main Dishes: 
Main Dishes: 
Vegan Alfredo Pasta

So, This is it, but don’t worry, you can always mix and match!! We hope you liked these menu ideas and found some inspiration for your own Shabuoth table. Which menu you liked better? Let us know in the comment section below or you can follow us on instagram and let us know there 🙂