5 Full Menus to Cover your Passover needs {Classic, Modern, Dairy, Vegan & Superfood}

If at any point you have felt overwhelmed and with no idea what to cook for Passover, you are in the right place my friend, because here we have put together for you 5 Full Menu Ideas to cover all your Passover needs, whether you love the classics, you want a more modern approach, you love dairy, you are vegan or are into superfoods, we got you covered.  Each menu has 1 haroset recipe, 5 entrees, 3 main dishes, 5 sides dishes and 5 sweet treats. 
Since we are Sepharadim, we included some recipes with kitniot but, don’t panic; almost all recipes are grain free anyways. Let’s go! 

Passover Menu #1: The Classic

Passover Menu #2: The Modern

Passover Menu #3: The Dairy

Veggie lover Menu for Shavuot

Passover Menu #4: The Vegan

Passover Menu #5: The Superfoods

We hope you found some inspiration or maybe even a full menu for your very own Passover dinner.

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