Tips for a Peaceful & Babyproof Air Travel

 If you’ve been following along on instagram, you know that I had a family reunion in Israel (Mom is still there! Yup!) for Passover. We had so much fun! We visited so many places, ate so many delicious foods, made new friends, and spent the most amazing Passover together! It was such an incredible experience for me. Still surreal!… Anyways, we are back home and somehow I kept thinking about how easy, peaceful and enjoyable traveling experiences I have had so far, so I want to share with you those little things that have made it possible for me, and hopefully some of it will be helpful for you as well. Let’s get to it. These are my 10 Tips for a Peaceful and Babyproof air travel.

10 Tips for a Peaceful and Babyproof air travel.

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See the moment in advance:

It may sound weird, but visualizing the whole process beforehand has worked wonders for me, as it allows me to arrange things in my mind in a way that “works” for me.  One of the things that might be overlooked before traveling is, for example, folding the stroller; so I fold the stroller a couple of times, that way I can oil it if it needs to, and avoid delays and awkwardness on the gate. 

Keep essential documents handy

Make sure you keep your essential travel documents in an easy access pocket that makes sense for you (I like to keep mind in the front pocket of my purse or backpack), that way you can take it easily when requested. 

Give yourself plenty of time

When you are traveling with kids is better to arrive at the airport with pleeenty of time  (and I mean “plenty”!). This will allow you to navigate the airport with and security your kids without rushing, have peaceful eating time and last minute visits to the restroom without stressing out about losing your flight.

Invite the kids to the bathroom a couple of times before boarding:

On-board restrooms can’t be used until after the flight has take off, so when traveling with kids, it’s important to invite them to use the toilet before boarding to avoid discomfort.

Whenever possible, check-in online

Keep in mind that no all flights allow you to check-in online, but if they allow it, do it. Make sure you abide by the airline rules and luggage dimensions to avoid delays, as some airlines still check the luggage size/weight, and will make you pay at the gate if yours is over the limits. 

Bring enough travel-friendly heathy foods and snacks:

I usually have a selection of my go-to travel-friendly snacks which are, but are not limited to, grapes, grape tomatoes (usually sweeter than cherry tomatoes), roasted nuts and seeds, some crackers or chips, digestive cookies, or granola bars. Apples are amazing snack for travel, because they keep really well and are usually kid-friendly. Cheese cubes or sticks pair well with any of the things previously mentioned (crackers, fruits, nuts…). Homemade or store-bought sandwiches and wraps are also great. Don’t forget to always carry extra formula (liquid or powder if traveling with babies) and an empty reusable bottle to keep you hydrated at all times.

Dress comfortably:

Make sure you dress your kids with comfortable clothes and shoes for the flight. Also, always have a change of clothes for each kid, in case of accidents or spills. It can happen. I like to keep the change of clothes handy in a front pocket if possible, I also bring them inside ziplock bags, where I can also put away the dirty clothes. 

Drink enough water

I can’t stress this enough. It is important to drink plenty of water , to stay hydrated and calm, as well as avoid bloating and headaches, if you are prone tho those events (like me!). Also, remember to bring an empty reusable bottle (I like to use my stainless steel bottles that keep water cold for 12+ hours) to fill up after you have passed through security and before boarding. 

If you can travel at night... do it!

This is a lifesaver, specially if you are traveling with kids. Children can get irritable and very tired during their time at the airport, and I find it less overwhelming when I know there’s a good chance they will eat dinner on the play and quickly falling sleep. Been able to sleep on their natural schedule can makes the whole experience less problematic and stressful for children and adults alike, and reduces jet lag too. 

For long flights, bring a tablet of old smartphone

I still remember my first trip with my toddler. I brought all off-screen entertainment I could think of, since it was a 10 hrs flight, which rob me of precious space in my luggage and, what did my son use at the end? Maybe  1 or 2. So, for the next flights I only brought a tablet. It can fit comfortably in a backpack, purse or luggage, and you can load it in advance with interactive games, ebooks, movies, to fit your child’s needs and likes. 

Make sure to bring children's headphones

Always encourage your kids to use headphones to avoid  disturbing other passengers when watching movies or playing games.

Prepare for ear discomfort

Take off and landing can be very uncomfortable for kids, especially because of ear discomfort. One of the most common ways to avoid it is by chewing gums and swallow frequently. These methods open the eustachian tube, allowing air to flow and equalizing pressure. Yawning and using noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs are other ways to relieve any discomfort. 

Don't rush your way in or out

If I have to choose one of the most annoying things on the planet while traveling, I’d say it is the impatient people that stand up as soon as the airplane has landed, but before it has come to a full stop. They often rush to the hall, and to pick up their luggage, and make the hall jam-packed, like sardines in a can. It always makes me wonder, why the rush?

I understand you just want to get out the tight space, breath and stretch your legs. You might even have just a connecting flight soon after landing, which by the way, is a huge mistake (delays, anyone?); but again, if you are already late for your next flight, why the rush? Being impatient is not going to help you, specially if you are traveling with kids. Keep your glamour standards high next time you feel the need to run in your way out of an airplane, and just wait until the hall is comfortably cleared, so that nobody is trying to get their luggage too close to your head, or pushing you on the way out, which can lead to someone accidentally hurting you, or your child. 

There you have it, 10+ tips for a peaceful and babyproof air travel. Is there anything I missed? Let me know in the comment section below so I can add it to the survival list! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & Pinterest for more! 

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