Savory Hamantaschen Round-Up: Top 10

Today is all about Hamantaschen Round Ups, so in this blog post you’ll find our 10 Favorite Savory Hamantaschen from the Bloghosphere!!

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This is guarantee to make you drool! To go to the recipe, just click on the title!
Let’s start!

1. Pretzel & Hot Dog Hamantaschen

This probably would be the most kid-friendly hamantaschen within the savory selection. Yum!

2. Shashookah Hamantaschen

Homemade Pita dough with Shashookah! Genius!

3. Cheese & Vegetable Pasty

4. Pulled BBQ Brisket

This should be the new classic hamantaschen!

5. Salt & Vinegar Potato Knish

6. Caramelized Onions hamantaschen

OMG! I love caramelized onions! And, these babies have also cheese and tomato which creates the perfect balance.

7. Lox & Cream Cheese

Which one is more popular? Brisket or Lox? While we solve the mystery, let both be “the new classic”. I just can’t decide!

8. Corn Dog

Love this totally different dough made with corn flour

9. Cheesy Jalapeño

Anything with cheese would be amazing for me, but I can’t eat jalapenos, so I would use bell peppers instead. Why not?

10. Vegan Savory with Spinach

Of course, I couldn’t let this behind! Even though I am not vegan, I enjoy vegan food, and there are times when I also miss it, and I am almost certain, nobody will tell these babies are vegan!

Do you know any other savory hamantaschen we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments section so we can add it!

Happy Purim!