Passover Friendly Flax Seed Waffles with homemade Berries Jam {GF, Nut-Free}

Passover Friendly Flax Seed Waffles with homemade Berries Jam {GF, Nut-Free}

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These easy, incredibly filling and Passover-Friendly Flax Seed Waffles made with just 5 ingredients, are the perfect matzot-free breakfast for the adventurous cook.

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Flaxseed Wa?

One of the things I enjoy the most about being an introvert, is that weird ideas can come to me easily, especially in the kitchen (probably that is the reason why I also make some pretty big messes too. Ha!) So I was wondering what else could I make with a container full of flaxseed meal, sitting on that pantry, apart from sprinkling it on everything and drink it on a frenzy once in a while.

Weeks ago, I got the Dash Mini Waffle Maker and the idea of making anything waffles seemed brilliant, including, of course, Passover-friendly Flax Seed Waffles! Yay!

Of course, we are not alone in the universe so, I was not surprised when I found out already tons of Flaxseed Waffles versions out there. Suddenly my idea wasn’t super unique, but at the same time, it was like the biggest validation of this brilliant idea, even though not “so weird”  after all! lol

These Passover-friendly Flax Seed Waffles are awesome!

These Passover-Friendly Flaxseed Waffles are great because:

  • These are free from Gluten, Dairy, and Nuts.
  • They are incredibly easy to make! We love easy recipes!
  • They make a mega satisfying breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. These waffles can seriously get you full, so beware! 

How to Make the KLP Flaxseed Waffles

To make these flax seed waffles you’ll need 5 ingredients. These are ground golden flaxseed (you can grind them at home with a food processor, a blender or coffee grinder), eggs, coconut flour, sugar, and salt. You just need to mix the ingredients with a whisk and let rest for a few minutes. Then, cook as directed in your waffle maker.

For these Passover-Friendly Flax Seed Waffles, I used the Dash Mini Waffle Maker which is super cute, because it makes 4” round waffles 🙂 The possibilities are endless.

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The only thing you have to do is pour is 1/4 cup of the mixture in the Dash Mini Waffle Maker and cook for about 2-3 minutes. Once they are cooked, it is really easy to take them out with the help of a fork.

Now, let’s talk about jam!

Before you tell me this is not jam; I know! I know!. It doesn’t have sugar so, is technically not jam but more like a puree or maybe preserve or marmalade (??). Let me know! Because to be honest I am so confused with all of these terms! Meanwhile, let’s call it jam 😉

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I serve these beauties with Homemade Berries Jam and Honey. Oh, Yum!

So, now, tell me, what is your favorite burger to accompany these fluffy buns? Let us know in the comment section below your suggestions!

Until next time! 😉

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