Easy {Passover-Friendly} Stuffed Mushrooms with Kale and Onions


Hi, there! 
Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! And, I am super excited to share with you this recipe for stuffed mushrooms that I tested a couple of weeks ago. If you still have space in your menu for a gorgeous side dish, take notes on this recipe! 

To prepare this recipe is a super achievement for me because, I used to be pretty intimidated by these little creatures called mushrooms. Then, two or more weeks ago I found myself with “nothing” in the fridge (as I call those days when I have many stuff in the fridge but with no idea what to cook) and wanted to make something out of the ordinary rice and beans or mangú (if there is any dominican that stumble upon this page, don’t get me wrong, I love mangú but I needed something different sooo…) and I remembered a course of curried mushrooms I tried also a few weeks back… and, when I opened the fridge, surprisingly I found that I had a package of mushrooms starring at me like saying: “Hey! What are you waiting to cook us all?”. As I said, I wanted something out of the ordinary so sautéed sliced mushrooms were not an option as well and inspired by the curried mushrooms, I started to cook.


Mushrooms are very delicate so you have to handle with care. but if you have a couple that breaks you can always chop them and throw into your stuffing (here, I am using kale, but  you can use spinach or other veggies you have on hand). That also goes to the stems. Give the earth and your pocket a favor and don’t throw them away, you can always use them for stuffing, salads, rice, pastas, curries, and many more preparations!
This recipe is fantastic because:

 It is Easy
It is Flavorful 
It is Vegan
It is Passover-Friendly (just ignore the bread I used to serve these beauties)

Now, let’s go into this easy recipe (I was making a few mushrooms but you can increase amount as you like and need)

Stuffed Mushrooms with Kale & Onions

For the mushrooms:
250gr Mushrooms

2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp curry powder
Juice of half lemon

For the kale: 

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 medium white onions, finely chopped. 
250gr Kale 
2 Tbsp paprika 
Salt and Pepper to tasteTo finish: 
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tsp paprika


1. First you want to clean your mushrooms by taking the stem off, and make the inside bigger with the help of a parisienne scoop. I show you in this short video
2. After all your mushrooms are destemmed, you want to put your mushrooms in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes so the dust inside and out can come out. Then, take them out of the water and put over paper towel (If you see some dirt that didn’t come off you can scrub gently that spot with paper towel). While your mushrooms are on the paper towel go prepare your filling. 
3. Sautee your onions with the olive oil on medium high. Add a pinch of salt and cook until they are brown. 
4. Add your Kale and seasonings (salt, pepper and paprika), lower the heat, put the lid on your pan and let the kale cook for about 8 minutes until is soft (time can vary of course). While Kale is cooking go ahead and season your mushrooms with salt, paprika, curry and lemon juice. 
5. Take the lid off your pan and continue to cook your kale on medium high for 2-3 more minutes to eliminate excess moisture. Remove filling from the pan and let cool off a little bit. DON’T wash your pan! You are going to use it later! 
6. Take your mushrooms and stuff them with the help of a tea spoon
7. Remember the pan full of flavor where you cooked your kale? ☝:Take that pan, add EVOO and, on low heat, cook the paprika for a few seconds and add your mushrooms to cook on medium high until they get a nice reddish color. Then, turn over and finish cooking for 1 more minute. 


  Now is time to serve hot, warm or cooled and enjoy this masterpiece with whatever your soul is pleased (hint: I ate them with curry rice and green salad and they didn’t dissapoint!)


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