Pasta Fix: 5 Favorites Add-Ins for your Pasta Dishes (Hint: They are all Vegan!)

How many of you love pasta? I love it too because it is so versatile! I love the fact that it can be done in a few minutes and it can take many forms and flavors! But, how to upgrade that sauce that you make over en over? That’s the question! Today I want to share with you my top 5 (vegan) add-ins for pasta dishes.

Let’s go!

Favorite Add-In #1: Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato or Yams is one of those ingredients that I pretty much hated before. In the Dominican Republic we have other kind of sweet potato (is white or yellow-ish and very sweet) which I love, but this orange one, nah! it wasn’t for me until one day I just paired it with some pasta and O-M-G! it was so good.

Sweet potato not just add some flavor and sweetness to your classic pasta sauce but it also add creaminess, and its flavor is not overpowering, so you still have the rich tomato plus herbs. Totally delicious! Click here for a recipe

Favorite Add-in #2: Roasted Eggplants

I just realized I haven’t shared an exact recipe for this one, but I did share about this on one of my featured instagram stories. It is just plain roasted eggplant that I peel and seeded, and then dry out a bit on a skillet or frying pan before adding it to my homemade pomodoro sauce.

Of course, you can just add the roasted eggplants straight to the sauce but I prefer to get some of the moisture out of the eggplants first because it makes a more hearty sauce over all.

Favorite Add-In #3: Almond Meal 

Cannot say enough of this amazing add-in! It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

If you have being following on instagram for a while you probably read this post and you know that I love love love almond meal in my pasta (addition that I made totally out of desperation). If you are a chunky-pasta & cheese lover (like me!!) I know you will love this one! It is funny I never thought of this one, even when I was so used to make pesto, until the day, of course, I had this pasta enlightenment lol.

For this one, you just have to add ground almonds (with the skin on or off) to your pasta right before you take it out of the stove. For 500 grs of pasta I would add about a cup, mix well and serve. Easy enough? 😉

Favorite Add-In #4: Avocados

This is probably one of the easiest pasta dishes EVER and these days is a classic. For this avocado pesto I will use the traditional pesto as a base (fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and pine nuts or almond meal) or I will substitute basil with spinach or use a combination of both for a more subtle flavor.

Easy, creamy and green. Just one thing: eat quickly as the avocado tends to oxidase.

Favorite Add-In #5: Mushrooms

If you love the meaty texture of mushrooms you will love to have them either with pomodoro sauce (to make a veggies ragut) or you can have them sauteed and add them to a creamy sauce! (I need to post a recipe for this! Hopefully will make that soon!)

UPDATE: The recipe for Mushrooms & Spinach Alfredo is up! 

Tell us! What are your favorite add-ins for pasta dishes? Let us know in the comment section below! We will love to try some! And, of course! Don’t forget to follow on Instagram & Pinterest for more easy recipes and inspiration! Thank you so much for your support!

Until next time!