Caribbean Vibes: Fried Yellow Plantains {Vegan, GF}

Caribbean Vibes: Fried Yellow Plantains {Vegan, GF}

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Pan-Fried Yellow Plantains are so easy and delicious! And with their crispy edges and lightly sweet flavor, they are the perfect side dish at any time.

As I said in a previous post, in the Dominican Republic, at least when I was growing up, I could clearly see in my family people having a preference for certain things. You either like stewed beans, or you loved pigeon peas. You prefer sweet cream of beans (made with red beans) or you ate sweet broad beans, and so on. The same was and still is true for plantains. You either loved platanos maduros (fried yellow plantains) or you were team tostones (fried green plantains).

I always leaned towards the team tostones (I just love crunchy stuff!) but as I grew older I started to embrace those foods that were usually preferred by my sister, including fried yellow plantains. Maybe is a sentimental thing. Who knows?!

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Choosing the right yellow plantains for frying

This is probably the most important thing I am going to say is this: you need to choose the right plantain, and the right yellow plantain looks like this:

It is yellow, with very dark spots (black spots). The black spots are the perfect indication that the plantains are riping perfectly.

The perfect yellow plantain is also firm to the touch but no completely. It should feel ripe with a certain resistance. You don’t want a plantain that is too ripe (with the peel mostly black) because it will be difficult to slice, it won’t hold its shape when cooking, it will absorb a lot of oil and it will be mushy. In short, not good at all for frying, but you can use it for other recipes like “banana bread” (using yellow plantains instead!)

When you go to certain supermarkets, you sometimes see yellow plantain with a perfect bright yellow peel. If you buy those, wait for a few days until it ripens a bit more. If you cook right away, the fried yellow plantains won’t have the soft interior and caramelized flavor that is so characteristic.

How to make Fried Yellow Plantains

To make fried yellow plantains is really easy: just need to peel, slice as preferred: cut rounds, slice at an angle or lengthwise. It is completely up to you.

Then, fry over medium-low heat, until they are beautifully browned at the bottom. Flip, and cook on the other side.

Depending on how thick your slices are, you can expect it to cook in about 2-3 minutes. It is important to cook in batches and not overcrowd too much.

Ready to munch on fried yellow plantains

The fried yellow plantains are ready to eat after frying and letting them drain any excess oil over paper towel, for a few minutes. You won’t be able to resist their charm, I doubt you have any leftovers. But, just in case, eat them while they are still hot. They are so much better.

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Now, tell me, are you team tostones or fried yellow plantains? 😉

Until next time!

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