Sahlab or Sachlav: A Yummy Winter Beverage

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Learn how to make Sahlab, Sachlav or Salep,  This interesting hybrid between a beverage and soft pudding/custard, is a middle eastern treat typically prepared in Israel as a winter favorite (I tried this on April this year so you may also find it in certain cafes all year round). This cold weather calls for a hot beverage and this one couldn’t be easier.

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The concussion of coconut and rosewater flavors present in this beverage makes it so comforting. I have made this recipe before (did I tell you I am a fan of coconut in every form?) with just vanilla extract because i didn’t have the rosewater and it was good, but the rosewater gives it a much better kick and deeper aroma. Talking about aroma, the aroma is so heavenly, so do your best to find the rosewater is not like anything you have tasted before. You won’t be disappointed. Still, if you can’t, don’t worry and use vanilla extract this time. It will be good anyways (this with vanilla flavor reminds me of the coquito without the rum, a puertorican hot beverage typically served for winter)


To make Sahlab you just need a handful of ingredients and you will be enjoying this yummy beverage for your breakfast or dinner in no time.

As you can see Sahlab is so easy to do. Have you tried yet? In case you haven’t, we hope you give it a try soon! When you make Sahlab don’t forget to share your pics and tag us as #sisterblissdiary on instagram! Also, you can show us some Pinterest love…
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