Vegan Challah

Have you ever wanted to make Challah and then realized you are out of eggs? No need to go last minute shopping anymore thanks to this easy Vegan Challah. Making bread at home Bread is made with 4 basic ingredients: Flour, water, yeast and salt; so essentially “bread” has been made vegan for generations, but today a lot of recipes have tons of eggs. If you are allergic to eggs or, you just ran out […]

These are the Best Yeast Doughnuts. Period! (Dairy-Free)

I have been testing yeast doughnuts recipes since 2010. I have wasted hundreds and hundreds pounds of flour (no joke!) in order to find the best, easy, fluffy doughnuts without the heavy loads of dairy products. Doughnuts can be tricky and the best fluffy ones out there unfortunately are not dairy-free, and even when they are very good fresh, the next morning they end up being doughy and dense… except for these ones! During Hanukkah […]

Emergency Biscuits (Super Easy, No Milk, No butter)

Hey, there! Today I want to share with you an easy recipe that I just came up with last week after I went to the supermarket to buy some bread (my son’s favorite) but I didn’t find it (insert disappointment face here) so I told my son, we were going home to make some bread… He was so excited and I was so ready to make some biscuits but then I realized I didn’t have butter! Arrgggg! […]