10 Rosh Hashanah Worthy Desserts that anyone will enjoy {Easy, Delicious and Vegan}

Today is all about Rosh Hashanah + Desserts: 10 Mega Delicious Rosh Hashanah Worthy Desserts that are easy to make, super delicious and are all vegan! Yay! It was about time to share another post with recipes from the blogosphere! And there is not better time to indulge in these delicious easy desserts than the upcoming celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year; so today we bring you these 10 delicious dessert recipes from amazing […]

High Holidays Series – Part 3: 5 Full Menu Ideas for Rosh HaShanah & Sukkot

High Holidays series part 3: 5 full menu ideas for Rosh haShanah & Sukkot Rosh haShanah is officially 3 days from now! Whoop!   If you haven’t decide on your menu yet, today we bring you 5 Full Menu Ideas for Rosh haShanah & Sukkot. Each one includes entrees/salads, main dishes, sides & desserts.    Once you have decided on your menu, don’t forget to head over our first post on this series where we talk […]

High Holidays Series – Part 2: 50+ Recipes for Your Holidays Menu

Hi, there! We are very excited to bring you PART 2 of our High Holidays Series (ft. Rosh haShanah & Sukkot). This 3 part series covers: Part 1: Menu Planning and Meal Prepping (we included a downloadable 3-days menu planning timeline)  (Para la versión en español de esta parte 1 CLICK AQUI) Part 2: Today we brig you our biggest recipe hunt to this day. 50+ recipes from around the blogosphere that hopefully will give you […]