WFPB Toddler Friendly Snacks

Hello everyone! Today I am very excited to share with you my favorite 20+ WFPB Toddler Friendly Snacks for traveling (or any day really!) I was missing so much to write another travel related post and decided to focus on vegan snacks that are toddler friendly. I don’t know about you, but my 4 year old eats like a adult, specially when traveling; and because I don’t like most of the vegan options that are […]

4 Easy & Travel-Friendly Meals that will Survive a Long-Haul Flight

A few weeks ago I returned from another long haul flight, and because of previous bad experiences and mistakes with my kosher meals, I wanted to do things differently this time; I decided I was going to prepare my own meals to take on the plane in case there was another mistake. But because not all food can be in optimal condition for long hours without refrigeration, I needed to pick wisely. Today I’ll share with you […]

A Quick Summer Vacation Memoir {Plus, My Favorite Snacks for Air Travel}

Hi There! Finally back to the habit of writing after a few weeks without posting…So sorry about that! (after 3 weeks on vacation on USA, I came home to find a dead laptop (that finally decided to turn on last week) and 2 days after that, a broken smartphone. Well, I’m still trying to find a good deal on the “right phone” which apparently is like seeing a shooting star, but hopefully, we are going […]

8 Tips for a Babyproof Air Travel

 As you know, we had our family reunion in Israel (Mom is still there! Yup!). We had so much fun! We visited so many places, ate so many delicious foods, made new friends, and spent the most amazing Pesah together! It was such an incredible experience for me. So surreal. I still can’t believe it! … Anyways, we are finally on the track again, and because this was the most peaceful, enjoyable traveling experience I […]