Easy Hamburger Buns {Vegan}

Make these easy, fluffy and almost “no-knead” Vegan Hamburger Buns for your next dinner adventure!

The Hamburger Bun Dilemma

Hamburger is one of those things I don’t eat often, but when I do eat hamburger all I want really is to taste that juicy thick burger and not necessarily eat it with a bun that is too thick, heavy, overpowering and super difficult to bite into.

You just want a bun stable enough to hold that thick, juicy burger yet a bun that is fluffy enough to give you the ultimate burger experience. And, this is why, ladies and gentlemen, you need these hamburger buns in your life.

The are:

Easy to make: no need equipment to make, just a bowl, your hands and an oven (and even that can be skipped in some circumstances, lol) 
Vegan: so, no eggs, no butter… simple, accessible ingredients
Fluffy: zero overpower, just a fluffy guy 

Hamburger Buns in the making

To make these hamburger buns you’ll need the most basic ingredients of bread baking: Flour, yeast, water, salt, sugar, a little bit of shortening, and oatmeal to coat before baking; plus the process is fairly simple. So easy that you can totally make this by hand:

The last step will be to let the buns rest again at room temperature, covered with a damp towel, until they double in size again, and are ready to bake.

Hopefully you can see the difference in size 🙂

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Baking the Hamburger Buns

When baking bread, make sure your oven is fully preheated so that your bread bakes beautifully. You can always use an oven thermometer to verify the temperature of your oven and have the same results every time.

I usually start preheating my oven after I have shaped the bread, and it is on the second fermentation that can takes around (30 minutes), but keep in mind some ovens can take less or a little more time, so an oven thermometer comes in handy.

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So, now, tell me, what is your favorite burger to accompany these fluffy buns? Let us know in the comment section below your suggestions!

Until next time! ?