I Struggle… + A Ripe Plantains & Eggplant Casserole {Vegan, GF}

A few weeks have passed without posting as I was feeling a little bit “weird” (don’t even know how to describe my own emotions) but hopefully those days are coming to an end, so today, I am coming out of my shell and I want to share with you a yummy casserole I prepared for shabbath. UPDATE: Photos for this posts have been updated so they are not “ugly” anymore, but still I am letting […]

Morrocan Carrot Salad & Carrot, Turmeric & Ginger Soup

Hello, everyone! There are a few things I always cook for shabbath, including two carrot salads, morrocan carrot salad and carrot salad with mayo and almonds. I just love them! When I stepped into the kitched and selected the carrots for the morrocan salad I decided I didn’t want to make it as usual, with the same (boring) round or diagonal cut, so I went for the julienne. I thought it will be interesting and […]

Veggies Packed Fritatta (Stop Food Waste!)

Oh, Fritatta! Fritatta is one of those humble meals that never disappoints. And, one of those that has saved my belly and the belly of those around me many many times. You can make it with pretty much anything you have in your fridge and, yes, you know it is time for you to use those tiny trims of veggies sitting there waiting for a soup, so go into the kitchen and make the yummiest […]